How to View PDF Files
PDF (Portable Document Format) files are created by Adobe Acrobat software and can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not already have this viewer configured on a local drive, you may download it at no cost here from Adobe’s Web site.

How to View EPUB Files
There are many popular viewers for EPUB such as Adobe Digital Editions, Calibre, and the Firefox extension “EPUBReader” which lets you view files directly in Firefox. Some popular readers are:

EPUBReader Firefox Extension (Windows/Linux/Mac)

Adobe Digital Editions (Windows/Mac)

For Smartphones: Most modern smartphones can read EPUB files. If however, you’re unable to open the EPUB file, you’ll need to download an ebook reader.

For Android users, try these free apps from google play:

1. Aldiko Book Reader visit this site
2. Bluefire Reader visit this site
3. FBReader visit this site

How to Open ePub Files on Your iPad:

From Computer to iPad
Make sure the free iBooks app is on your iPad.
Open iTunes on your computer.
Find the ePub file on your computer.
Drag and drop the ePub file onto your Library in iTunes on your computer.
Connect your iPad to your computer.
Check under the “Books” tab in iTunes to be sure this ePub is selected for syncing
Then sync.
The ePub document is added to your iBooks collection inside the iBooks app.
From now on, you can open the ePub document from the iBooks app on your iPad.

Directly on the iPad
Make sure the free iBooks app is on your iPad.
Follow the link from Safari to reach the ePub document.
Select “Open in iBooks” on the iPad.
The eBook will open and be added to your iBooks collection.
From now on, you can open the ePub document from the iBooks app on your iPad.

How to View for Kindle [.MOBI] Files
Items Needed
-Kindle USB cable
-Windows or Mac OS X computer

Step 1: Plug the Kindle into your computer using the USB cable that came with the Kindle and turn it on. The Kindle enters USB Drive Mode and is unavailable for reading during this period.

Step 2: Click the “Computer” shortcut in the “Start” menu. On Mac systems, open a new Finder window. Double-click the “Kindle” drive to open it as you would any other external drive.

Step 3: Open the “documents” folder in the Kindle drive. Open a new Windows Explorer window or Finder window and navigate to the location of your MOBI file.

Step 4: Click and drag the MOBI file to the Kindle “documents” folder to copy it to the Kindle. Eject the Kindle drive from your computer. The MOBI ebook file is accessible from the main menu of the Kindle just like books purchased at the Kindle Store.