A Girl of the Limberlost Audiobook

This is an audiobook recording of A Girl of the Limberlost, by Gene Stratton-Porter. The book published in August, 1909 is considered a classic of Indiana literature. It is the sequel to her earlier novel Freckles. Stratton-Porter was named by Patricia Raub (Senior Lecturer of American Studies at the University of Massachusetts Boston) “one of the most popular woman novelists of the era, who was known for her nature books and her editorials on McCall’s ‘Gene Stratton-Porter Page’ as well as for her novels.” Raub wrote, “At the time of her death in 1924, more than ten million copies of her books had been sold — and four more books were published after her death.” The story takes place in Indiana, in and around the Limberlost Swamp – at that time, a site of heavy logging and natural oil extraction. The novel has been chosen as a good text for high school gifted students to study.


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